1. Mr.Reese+Club (1/?)


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  3. moriparty-with-mycroft:

    We chose to love these people and I will never regret this decision

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  4. Hannibal Costumes + Will and Hannibal suit up for the trial.


    is this even funny

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  5. chizpurfles:

    fassavoy + wolfy

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  7. hughxjackman:

    Make me choose
    ∟anonymous asked: McAvoy & Fassbender, Fassbender & Jackman or Jackman & McAvoy? (Part 2) 


  8. cressus:

    He had on that gray two-piece mohair. That was a great suit. Immaculate cut. Italian. Always with a white shirt. Always. His ruby cuff links. I loved them. I fucking loved them. Beautiful watch. Wafer thin. Solid gold. Hardly know you’ve got it on. Bond Street. Two and a half grand.

    Gangster No. 1



  10. lokisqueenbee:

    Matrix looking Tom